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Could this be a milk allergy?

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Hellesbelles2 Sun 15-May-16 10:34:09

DS2 was a bottle refuser until just over 11 months when I stopped breastfeeding. Up to that point he had great skin. After stopping breastfeeding he gradually started to take a sippy cup of milk until now nearly 2 months later he probably has 4 sippy cups a day (and guzzles it down happily).

On his 1st birthday we noticed that he was starting to get a cluster of little spots by his mouth and over the last few weeks they've spread to all around his mouth, round his nose and on some days around his eyes.

I took him to the doctors a week ago and he said that it wasn't an allergy or anything but that it was eczema. He gave him some steroid cream which we've been using twice daily. Some days it seems ok but others it looks like it's getting worse. It's only occurred to me afterwards about the timings of the rash starting coinciding roughly with him starting to drink cows milk. Do you think it could be an allergy and even if it is would I just treat it with creams as he's seems happy enough in himself and doesn't bother him or could it get worst?

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MayfairMummy Mon 16-May-16 20:18:41

Hellesbelles, the best way to figure out if it is related is to take the dairy out of his diet and see if it clears up (allow 4 weeks but it might take only a few days), then reintroduce it and see if it gets worse again. Having said that, if he's happy in himself, then current advice would probably be to leave it in his diet so that the allergy didn't worsen. Taking it out completely increases the chance that the reaction may be more severe when reintroducing it.

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