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Dairy intolerance/ low milk intake

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Lipilooloo Tue 10-May-16 17:50:57

Hello there, I am sorry it is a long - very long - story but I am now really desperate and really would appreciate any help...

My lo is nearly 6 months, happy little boy - until it comes to feeding. I breastfed him until 2 months but had to stop as I had badly cracked nipples and he was being sick with the blood and then I had mastitis. But it was never easy.

Introduced bottle with no problems and he was drinking very well for the first few weeks then all started... He started to vomit.

My daughter is lactose intolerant so I went straight with lactose free milk that worked for another few weeks but every feed takes 1 hour 1 1/2 hour and I need to force him to feed...

We have been seen by GP, dietitians, A&E paediatrician and speech therapist specialised in feeding... But no conclusions apart from starting him on Omeprazole for suspect of silent reflux). We have tried all the special formulas (he is either sick or refuses to drink). Also tried pretty much all the different bottles. I have been trying solids for few weeks but he is not interested. (Also tried feeding seating up, from beakers, cup, spoon; left short gaps and long gaps - nearly 14 hours last week and he only took 60ml).

The last few days I can only feed him when is falling asleep or sleeping (but he now knows and is refusing to fall asleep in my lap). He has not gained weight for over 3 weeks and maximum that I manage to force feed him is 700 ml daily (guidelines are around 1.1l). Hoping to get some milk into him I tried Nutramigen again and we had projectile vomit again... Decided to contact the dietitian as he's milk intake was next to nothing and he was refusing to even lay down... So we decided to try a high calorie milk - no chance - he even spat it out...

So I decided to follow my gut feeling alone and started with the neocate again... He is taking, little at the time, not being sick but seems to be colicky.

Finally my question is: is that normal? Until his tummy learns to digest the neocate? I don't wish this situation on anyone as I feel heartbroken but I do hope someone can understand and share some tips.

I am waiting for lo to be seen as impatient by a paediatrician. I have decided to try cranial osteopathy too.

Any any help will be appreciated... Thank you Xxx

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