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Nuts, Shellfish, Latex, Hayfever HELP pls!

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ishopthereforeiam Fri 06-May-16 14:35:50

Hi All,

DD was diagnosed with nut allergies at 1, had anaphylaxis last year from nuts, diagnosed with shellfish allergy (worse than nuts) last year aged 4, now aged 5 they have found a latex allergy (please no silly jokes).

I am struggling with the latex allergy (and worried what else might be out there). We're avoiding cross risk foods (avocado, chestnut etc) and have told school , dentist and dr. I'm worried about the unknowns - where else could latex be and how to avoid it (rubber bands, condoms when she's older, swimming hats and goggles, some toys) but clothing / shoes are not always fully labelled. I've phoned Zoggs, Tesco for the bouncy castle and the trampoline people who've not called back yet.

Any tips please on how to manage this? She's had to refuse two parties as the soft play providers said (i) there is latex and (ii) they don't know and can't check with manufacturers.


ShortyShortLegs Sat 07-May-16 21:55:49

Hi, I have the same allergies as your daughter, (plus lots of others- my fish allergy came on a few months after the shellfish allergy) I find that with the latex as long as it is not in contact with my skin I am fine...for example, bras with the rubbery strips in give me welts, foam rubber ear plugs gave me blisters inside my ears, on my lips and down my back shock and shoes/clothes with printed logos inside make me itch like mad.
Can't help with soft play, sorry, but I can't see that she would come into much direct contact...especially when wearing long sleeves/long trousers and socks (if that is still the rules, my DC are past that stage!)
I no longer put up balloons for the kids birthdays, but use lots of bunting and hanging paper decorations instead like [ these]
The worst things for me have been unable to wear clothes unless they are 95% plus cotton, I struggle to get bras especially.
And the silly things like hair elastics that are cotton covered, so I thought they'd be fine but give me hives. I use [ these] now.
Oh, and I can't use plasters, even sensitive ones.
I too hate the stupid comments about latex, it must be awful for you.
My GP's have put LATEX ALLERGY on my screen notes and the hospital have written it on my paper notes in red marker! this reassures me and when I have been in hospital, every single person has said "now, you are our lady with the latex allergy, aren't you?" so, very thorough....and if I have to have an operation, I will always be first on the list because they have to do a deep clean and remove all latex from the theatre the night before...that is the only good point I can think of!!!
I hope some of this is helpful smile

ishopthereforeiam Sun 08-May-16 00:47:49

Hello Shortyshortlegs,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's all a bit overwhelming at the mo. Do you mind me asking which other allergies you have? Dd's IGE is 790 so I fear there are many more we dint know of yet.

It makes a lot of sense now as she's always itching and often says some clothes make her itch.

Hairbands are a good call as I hoped the covered ones would be OK, but not worth the risk.

The odd thing is her hands have terrible eczema when she's at school so something there is really aggravating get but I can't pinpoint it.

I'll stop with the balloons too, unless foils. But not sure whether she should avoid all parties with balloons or just avoid touching them.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it smile


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