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Including child with multiple allergies in birthday party

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PloptheBarnOwl Tue 12-Apr-16 22:59:50

I have children with no allergies, but I'm organising a fourth birthday party and would like to include a child from nursery with multiple allergies. I had planned to hire the bouncy castle at the leisure centre, but this is one of the things this child is allergic to. Have considered trampoline party but we don't have an Airhop or anything nearby, so it would be a case of hiring a hall and a couple of trampolines, which is costly and would mean children standing around waiting for their turn.

Do you have experience of planning/ attending party with child with multiple allergies? Do you have any ideas of how I can include this child? My children love jumping up and down on stuff but will consider other ideas!

nosireebob Tue 12-Apr-16 23:22:27

Is there a gymnastics place near you? My 4-year old was invited to a party at a gymnastics school and it was fab. Real trampolines, and loads of other equipment so the kids had a great run around, climb, bounce. Own catering which was great for my dairy allergic child as the birthday child's mum just brought him sandwiches without butter and cheese, and treats he could eat (crisps, haribo) and he was over the moon to have been included. He's often the one who watches the others have cake and chocolate. I usually bring alternatives for him but sometimes venues don't allow it. If they're anything like us, child and parents will really appreciate your efforts!

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