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CMPA help!

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Carrie1990 Sun 10-Apr-16 20:58:41

When my little girl was a baby she would constantly throw up after feeds and would constantly be screaming doctors said reflux but I always thought if was more than that has excma and asthma too. She's now nearly three and keeps breaking out in severe excma and rashes and says she has a tummy ache so the Drs now think she has cmpa and we have been advised to cut out her main dairy intake (this been milk and yoghurts) however should we cut all dairy out such as butter etc we kind of feel like we've just been sent away for 2-3 months to deal with this until we see dietician in 2-3 months. Also does this sound like cmpa to you?
Sorry about the long post!
Thank you
Carrie x
Pic below of rash/excma

wonderwoo Mon 11-Apr-16 11:00:48

Oh goodness, that rash. It does look at bit like my son's eczema, although his is patchy and hers is very widespread. Is it itchy?

I have two son's with cmpa: one diagnosed at about age 3 following years of symptoms (and many other allergies too) and one diagnosed as a small baby.

Yes, you need to remove all dairy, so not just the obvious stuff like milk and cheese, but you need to look at all labels and find any hidden dairy.

What milk has the doctor advised to use instead? You can find many with added calcium, and you could give her a calcium supplement too. I think I would avoid rice milk because it is not supposed to be used as a replacement milk before age 5 (although is okay to use in smaller quantities, just not as a main milk). Soya milk is great, but you should know that quite a large percentage of children with cmpa are also allergic to soya (one of my sons included), so if she does not settle without the dairy, it may be wise to cut out soya for a while too (again, it is a common hidden ingredient). There is also oat milk.

My older son who was diagnosed at 3 was a very unhappy baby, would never settle, lots of runny nappies, tummy ache, and eczema, and also developed allergies to other foods. So quite similar I think. My younger son had bad reflux, lots of wind, no normal nappies, and weight loss. Both struggled to feed and weaned themselves early.

Hope that information helps. Has the doctor has given you some treatment for that eczema? Hopefully it is cmpa and then things will improve for her.

Carrie1990 Mon 11-Apr-16 15:53:20

Thank you yea that's helped her rash isn't itchy she was a really unsettled baby to constantly been sick after feeds and had to be weaned at 11 weeks. The doctor has tried several creams but nothing really worked and we just feel like what's the next step to take now it all lol x

wonderwoo Tue 12-Apr-16 10:58:12

I thinking taking out dairy is a good idea. I am concerned that its not eczema if nothing has helped and its not itchy, but I only know what my son's eczema is like, so other people will be more help.

Perhaps give the dairy (and soya if necessary) free diet a go, and keep notes of any changes to her symptoms, for a few weeks and if no change, ask for a referral to an allergy clinic. Good luck.

Carrie1990 Tue 12-Apr-16 13:01:44

We've taken out cows milk and yoghurts etc and she now has soya and her rash has gone down loads now can barely see it just feels really dry. I might ask to see have am allergy test of some kind or at least see a dietician or something so that we know what we're doing is right etc! Thanks for the advice x

wonderwoo Tue 12-Apr-16 20:30:57

That's great news.

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