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Colic, reflux or cows milks allergy

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Laurenb123 Sat 09-Apr-16 16:33:23

Just wondering if you can give me an idea of whether my 4 month old baby has a milk allergy.

She was exclusively breast fed for the first 2 months if her life. She has been diagnosed as having reflux, and I was advised by a health visitor to cut dairy out of my diet which seemed to help a little from 8 weeks old she was mix feeding formula along with breast milk through the night, her reflux got worse and I changed to aptamil anti reflux milk and although it has stopped her being sick she still screams in pain like she is having cramps/spasms she's not a happy baby sometimes you just can't soothe her unless it's by a bottle.She doesn't sleep unless she falls asleep at the bottle and will last an hour tops even through out the night. She has some colicky symptoms (crying, arching back etc) but colief and infacol don't make a difference. She is constipated but has diahorrea at the same time. She always seems to be hungry and has a bottle every 2 hours. Except of the very rare occasion that she will settle for longer but then she will wake up screaming in agony. Even sometimes with the bottle she seems very uncomfortable whilst drinking it. I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do anymore, I have a 2 year old that needs me also so between the two of them I don't stop and it's exhausting. Tia

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