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Eczema remedies that really worked for my ds

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Superene Sun 03-Apr-16 22:02:41

I have a ds who is 5. He suffered from eczema from about 6 months old but I never found what would trigger flare ups. Sometimes it was not too bad and other times it was red and sore on various parts of the body although never on his face or hands. Cutting dairy made no difference.

I didn't want to use anything too harsh on his skin and discovered that oat milk had a really good effect. I cut up pairs of tights to make small pouches for porridge oats, and put one in every bath. Squeezing the oats produced the oat milk. I also used exomega cream which is oat based and very soothing. But the thing that seems to have cleared his eczema completely was Epsom salts. I read somewhere that a magnesium deficiency can affect skin conditions and the easiest way to absorb magnesium is through the skin, in an Epsom salts bath. It had an instant effect on his skin, literally within 2 days it had improved substantially. That was a year ago and maybe he has just outgrown the eczema, but I am still buying the salts in 10kg bags and putting 2 large handfuls in every bath.

Im posting this because it might help others, just that.

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