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coeliac test

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clarella Mon 21-Mar-16 18:16:10

Dr Google is confusing me!

I have a test on Thursday. I don't watch what I eat at all. It's a 'let's rule it out' test as iron keeps dropping. It is possible that some days I don't eat much gluten actually - I like rice and porridge etc.

How much gluten should I be eating to show antibodies? I could cancel the test to delay it if I need to eat more gluten.

Eelus Mon 21-Mar-16 20:02:45

I was told the equivalent of a slice or two of bread a day for 6 weeks before the test.
I don't think a day or two a week without gluten would matter as long as you have been consuming gluten on the other days for a couple of months.
Remember gluten creeps into lots of things, normal oats (not the GF
ones) are contaminated with gluten, lots of sauces, crisps etc have gluten in them, so it's possible you are having more than you think.

millionsofpeaches Mon 21-Mar-16 20:22:33

When I was diagnosed I wasn't told to eat gluten specifically, just to carry on with my normal diet. But that was 16 years ago now, so the advice may have changed. Can you call the clinic or the consultant's secretary and ask advice?

clarella Mon 21-Mar-16 22:08:45

Thanks - it's just a test at GP - I imagine antibodies or similar.

I'm sure actually I've had a fair bit. I'd forgotten I've been hitting the digestives quite a bit.

I'm doubtful there's an issue. I rarely have any actual tummy issues. I've noticed a regular pocket of gas on my left just below ribs but nothing cramps or anything. After test I was considering trying gluten free just to see. My mil was very ill but it turned out to be intolerance (advised to try by consultant) - I've not been anything like her, esp stools, but iron keeps dropping and frequent fatigue.

Yes, I know I'll have to seek out gluten free oats etc.

Thanks for the advice.

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