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Dermol Preparations

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chloesmumtoo Fri 18-Mar-16 13:47:16

I have just received a letter from our Doctors Surgery stating that they have been advised by the local prescribing team, that long term use of Dermol Preparations is not recommended as they contain a substance which is used to treat an infection. If there is no infection they should not be used.
Thought I would share...............
sad Dd has been using Dermol 500 lotion from dot as a soap substitute due to her eczema. Now a teenager she uses it for showering all the time. What shall we switch too? Anyone recommend a soap substitute to ask the doctor for as replacement.
They have informed me it is removed from our repeats already!
Any advise welcome. Her skin is not so bad now as when young but always quite dry and definitely worsens during summertime with the pollen's.
What do you/your teens/children use for showering. We have Zerobase lotion but does not state to use as a soap sub.

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