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interpreting blood results

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inmyplace Fri 29-Jan-16 14:14:29

Can anyone interpret these results for me (its my ds allergy results): ‘Total IgE raised, 116/litre (normal range 0 to 63). Mixed nuts specific IgE poisitive. Breakdown: Peanut specifc IgE 0.64 kua/litre, hazelnut 0.27, Brazil nut 19.6, almond 0.13, coconut 0.29, cashew nut 0.88… the challenge is that these results do not correlate with clinical response. What is important is that xxx’s specific IgE’s are positive to nuts.' I will obviously go back and discuss with the consultant but wanted to try and understand them a bit more myself first so that I can ask the right questions. Any insight would be really helpful.

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MayfairMummy Sun 31-Jan-16 12:13:22

I'm afraid i can't interpret for you, but if it's related in a similar way to the skin prick tests (and i can't see why it wouldn't be), the bigger the number, the greater the LIKELIHOOD of a reaction. However, the actual reaction itself could be very mild and easily treated, or it could be severe.

Many people assume that a big number automatically means it's dangerous. My son has IgE allergies, but some of the reactions are as 'mild' and unpleasant but not dangerous, while some cause anaphylaxis.

this is a worth a read if you're still learning....

TheTigerIsOut Sun 31-Jan-16 12:15:18

Agree totally with Mayfair mummy, the highest the number, the higher the likelihood of a reaction, but that doesn't explain how strong the reaction would be.

TheTigerIsOut Sun 31-Jan-16 12:19:26

With regards to nut allergy, it is always disheartening to hear your child is allergic to nuts/peanuts, especially when there are so many cases when these allergies are very severe, BUT, if it helps, of all the things he may be allergic to, nuts and peanuts are the easier allergens to avoid.

MayfairMummy Sun 31-Jan-16 13:35:29

I second Tiger on that ... our nut allergies are easy to avoid (and people take it seriously). Our anaphylaxis to dairy is much more challenging when we are out. People always think it's a lactose intolerance.... <grr>

inmyplace Mon 01-Feb-16 12:46:15

Thanks for your help. I guess I am trying to make out if she is saying he is allergic to all nuts or just the Brazil (which has already been confirmed). It is new to us- but by my reckoning, avoiding Brazil nuts isn't too life affecting, but potentially avoiding all nuts (as a pretty much vegetarian family) is for more impactful. We have been advised to avoid all nuts when out which is fine, but am not sure what to do at home. We will go back and ask these questions but I guess I am still trying to make sense of it before we go back. We have epi pens, allergy action plan and kit with inhaler and anti-histamine. I am struggling to know how to deal with parties and play dates. Do I send the kit (knowing that no one would be brave enough to do anything with it without me there), or just trust that there won't be nuts if I remind everyone before hand (and then sit nervously at home) or accept that I might have to stay at more parties in the future? He's 8. What do others do? Thank you

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TheTigerIsOut Mon 01-Feb-16 20:26:40

Ok... We see things as follows:

- allergic to a nut -> we avoid them all as they are packed in the same facility/piece of equipment and the risk of transcontamination is huge.

- parties:
1) Ring host and ask what the children would be having, then send something that is similar for host to serve your child
2) put the medicines in your child bag and tell the host where they are and to ring you if your child is unwell (make sure you are available the whole time)
3) in the medicine bag, put a list of the allergens your child can't have, as well as examples of where can they be found and other names they receive. On the other side of the list, explain the different types of reaction possible and how to deal with them. (I can send you a copy of mine if you wish, just send me your email via PM)
4) Never, ever, ever make a big fuss about the allergies, otherwise people get scared and the invitations dry out.

inmyplace Thu 04-Feb-16 19:57:31

Thank you Tiger, that's really helpful. I think we are still trying to make sense of things. Your guidance on parties is useful. Good advice to just send cake or whatever with him. I really hear what you are saying about not making a fuss. I don't want to put people off. It's a hard balance between ensuring people take it seriously enough not to expose him to nuts but not so seriously that they are then too cautious to invite him! We'll get used to it I'm sure.

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