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Middle-Aged Onset Allergies

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christinarossetti Mon 25-Jan-16 11:03:38

Has anyone else had this? I've always thought of myself as having 'mild hayfever and tendency to sinusitis' but never needed to use antihistamines, although that's changed dramatically in the last year.

For just over a year now, I seem to have a constantly runny/blocked nose, itchy, watering eyes, facial itching, sneezing etc. I've been using nasal irrigation which helps clear the congestion, and when desperate antihistamines although I know they're not great to use all the time.

The triggers seem to be pollen, dust mites, cleaning product/perfume chemicals and goodness knows what else. It can be fine for a few days and then awful again, and I can't usually identify a specific trigger.

My GP prescribed a steroid nasal spray a couple of weeks ago, which seemed to be effective for a few days, but now back to square one.

Should I go back to the GP? Or what on earth should I do?


crackedphone Mon 25-Jan-16 11:40:50

ask for blood tests to confirm which allergies. if dust mite there are things you can do in home to reduce symptoms.

nasal sprays are pretty good if regularly taken, and you might want to consider a taking a non drowsey antihistamine at night to limit symptoms.

christinarossetti Mon 25-Jan-16 12:22:42

Thanks. My GP has made a referral to the ENT clinic for a physical investigation, in case there's some sort of blockage, but was reluctant to refer for blood tests as it's so multi-factorial.

Maybe I should go back and ask?

I thought it wasn't advisable to take antihistamines regularly?

crackedphone Tue 26-Jan-16 10:21:52

Worth asking for blood test is allergies suspected.

Some people are prescribed daily antihistamines long term.

jezztri Wed 27-Jan-16 22:55:17

About two years ago I developed allergies to cats, dust mites and pollen. I was renting at that stage and i think ventilation was not very good in the property and other tenants in the building had cats and used air fesheners. Norhing worked. I was taking more than the stated dose of antihistamines, sprays etc. After buying my own place i installed a ventilation system, became neurotic about hoovering and run the dehumidifier and air purifier constantly. Now i do not need to use drugs when i am at home but still suffer when i leave the house particularly on raining days that follow a period of dry weather and dusty houses. Also i need to wash my sheets weekly on 60 degrees otherwise my nose will start running like no tomorrow.

Docs did general blood test but i paid privately for my DS who only suffers in June each year for a definitive diagnosis.

I am glad i no longer need daily histamimes.

rogueelement Fri 29-Jan-16 18:10:10

Check out:

House dust especially in your bedroom
Tree pollen
Animals (cats, dogs, small furries)

(ideally if you have a diagnosis but otherwise you can look around at the environment and see if there's anything obvious).

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