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Make-up face wipe cleaners

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RaeS46 Sun 24-Jan-16 18:39:07

I realise this is not child-related, but couldn't think of anywhere else to put this information out too. I have seen a few comments recently about the benefits, or otherwise, of face wipes and this is my experience since the end of last year. I began to feel my skin was getting dryer and rougher, particularly the skin over my whole eye socket. A couple of weeks after this, when I used the wipes the skin on my eye sockets immediately began burning severely - I had to rinse my face right after cleansing. I tried a few things for a week, to find out what it was and after reading some comments about wipes, decided to stop using them. At that time the skin around my eyes had gone extremely dry, and I suffered a few days of flaking skin. However within a few days of stopping my skin got back a more silky feel to it (which at 69 I am thankful for). However, the story doesn't stop there; for the past few years I have had eye problems, the optician said 'dry eyes' (what he actually said at first was 'there's something funny going on with your eyes'!). I got 'bleary' eyes, constantly blinking to try and clear them; quite bloodshot eyes, 'pink eyes' in the evening when my eyes were tired and sore; blurred vision, double vision, trouble reading, light sensitivity - I have had eye allergies over the years (cats, perfumes, make-up) but dealt with that ok. The optician gave me drops to use (one night use, very greasy ointment, I was extremely allergic to), so every time I had the above symptoms - out came the eye drops (one without preservative in, so I could use it 'as much as I needed'!). Since stopping the face wipes all those symptoms have drastically reduced - no pink eye, far less blood shot, less bleary, less vision problems. I may use the drops a couple of times in the evening (when my vision was at its worst) and in the morning too, but not the 'every 10 minutes' I was using them, on some nights! But STILL the story doesn't end there! For years since using drops,I was suffering in the morning from a really bad mucus/phlegm drain from the back of my nose and in my throat. It could take an hour to clear. Consequently, during the night some of this was probably also draining down to my stomach and most days I just felt so unwell in the morning, until 'I got going'!! All that has pretty much gone too! So in summary, the wipes were drying my skin (I don't stick to any particular wipe), they 'seemed' to cause me severe eye problems (probably not helped by a low level of dry eyes) - the evidence of my own experience would lead me to say they 'definately' caused me eye problems, but I am not about to cause my self issues by saying it was 'definately' caused by them. The consequent overuse of the eye drops gave me some unpleasant mornings - which are certainly vastly improved in the past couple of weeks! All in all an experience I am not going to repeat. If this helps one person, it will be worth it!

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