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Sudden tummy pains at 5 doctor suggesting intolerance

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youlemming Sat 23-Jan-16 22:17:45

Hi DD1 has for the past 2 wks daily stomach cramps, she has mentioned them on and off since before Xmas but they would go within hrs or the next day.
The first doctor queried an appendicitis but as the pain is central it was unlikely, urine test for infection was clear.
Apart from the pain no other symptoms.

A week later went back saw a different doctor who has suggested an intolerance or IBS type issue. Is this likely to appear relatively suddenly with no change in diet.
She has a wide variety of foods for a 5yr old and is slightly on the robust side (in 7-8 yr old clothes due to both height and build).

We are keeping a food diary but don't really see any pattern, she says it's painful on and off everyday, usually more in the evening where she will have a sudden intake of breath and hold her tummy for a few seconds.

She poo's each day without it being either loose or hard.

Doctor says come back in 3 wks if not improved, so difficult to do what probably seems to her like nothing each time she tells us.
He also said to try eliminating foods but where do we start?

RubySparks Sat 23-Jan-16 22:20:55

Did they do blood test for coeliac disease? No doctor should suggest ibs if this hasn't been tested.

youlemming Sat 23-Jan-16 22:33:32

No tests of any kind, OH took her and said he ruled out anything he could feel for and then didn't seem too worried about it. Said the next stage would be more invasive like bloods so let's see how it goes.
Think DD would rather have a quick blood test than spend the next 3 wks in pain.
I was surprised at the mention of IBS without looking into it further as I would have thought it was uncommon in children and quite a throw away comment.
Just feel quite lost at the moment with what we can do to help her, calpol does nothing, tried peppermint tea but obviously at 5 it's not to her taste even though she has a few sips as she wants something to work.

RubySparks Sun 24-Jan-16 22:17:25

How is she now? I tried peppermint tea at GP's suggestion and it made me feel much worse! He also did the blood test for coeliac though (which came back positive).

twofalls Sun 24-Jan-16 22:34:33

I would push for a blood tests for coeliacs and to rule out any other infection. I think it's really crap to send you away with suggestions of IBS and food intolerances and "come back in 3 weeks".

My friend had similar with her 9 year old. Finally (after 2 months) gastro paediatrician diagnosed gluten and dairy intolerance probably sparked by glandular fever (which she hadn't realised she had). The pain was caused by build up of gas and low level constipation as well as food intolerances. Whilst she is still eating gluten, press for the blood test.

Good luck. It's an awful position to be in. (The consultant said the intolerances could go away once the gut recovered but she probably would always be susceptible following virus etc. He also recommended a very good probiotic)

CrushedVelvet Tue 26-Jan-16 22:24:44

Just an idea - does she have milk with every meal? DS (now 8) had similar-sounding symptoms a few yrs ago starting a week or so after a tummy bug and antibiotic treatment. We eventually concluded it was lactose intolerance. Perhaps try her on Lactofree milk for a week to see if it helps?

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