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ButtfaceMiscreant Thu 14-Jan-16 17:38:17

My DTS1 is query CMPI following blood tests, and I have eliminated all dairy and soy products from my diet as I am breastfeeding. I noticed today, when making my DD a sandwich, that the bread I have been eating since going dairy free contains soya flour sad I had been so diligent but this one slipped past me.

I thought he had been in pain, but put it down to the Ranitidine he was put on at the same time ( he never seemed in pain until starting that), but now I guess he must have been reacting to the soy flour.

Is it likely this is the cause of his pain, or more likely to be the ranitidine? I'm almost certain nothing else I have eaten in the last few weeks is dairy/soy.

melonribena Sun 31-Jan-16 09:49:59

Hi, I'm no expert but it might not be that. My ds was allergic to milk but was fine with soya. How old is your dc?

ButtfaceMiscreant Sun 31-Jan-16 10:07:37

He is only 15weeks, so was advised to cut it all out. Since being completely dairy and soy free, he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. Still waiting on the dietician referral though to see when I can start introducing foods back in, although I would assume not until weaning.

melonribena Sun 31-Jan-16 10:15:03

My ds was diagnosed at 6 months when we started weaning. We cut it out completely until 2 years when we successfully did the milk introduction programme.

I would go back to the docs/dietician

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