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Congestion and allergies?

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Callthemodwife Sat 02-Jan-16 08:00:44

DS (2.5) is really struggling with congestion to the point where he's vomiting in bed at night due (I think) to a cough and exacerbated by mucus sitting in his tummy (his sick is very mucus-y).

We've been back and forth to the GP and the hospital for about 9 months now but no wiser about the cause or anything which might potentially help. He has had blood tests for allergies but nothing obvious has come up, however I'm wondering if there could be general intolerances or mild reactions which are causing the congestion but aren't full blown allergies? Is this possible or just the crazy thinking of a desperate mother? He doesn't have any other allergic symptoms (eyes fine, no sneezing, poos normal) but he is also not really gaining weight or growing at the moment which is very concerning!

Does anyone have any similar experience or ideas? A bit of googling suggests three things to me - milk, wheat or dust mites so I thought I might try swapping to goat's milk for a couple of weeks (we have already cut out his bedtime milk to try and cut down on congestion but it hasn't made much difference and I tend to rely on dairy to get fat into him!).

Any advice gratefully received, I'm so tired of it all, just want my boy to be happy and healthy sad.

MrsWhirling Sat 02-Jan-16 08:04:57

Both my kids have allergies to nuts, milk and egg. Because we knew, and as small babies congestion was a problem for them both. My DD8 is allergic to dust mites also and this makes her sniffly, wheezy and cough.

Callthemodwife Sat 02-Jan-16 08:11:24

Thanks MrsWhirling it's so tough isn't it? DS actually never had any congestion trouble as a baby - he was a big chubby baby who thrived until about 16 months, when he had a couple of illnesses back to back and hasn't shaken it off since. If it were allergies, would he have had problems since he was tiny do you think?

MrsWhirling Sat 02-Jan-16 10:17:08

I'm not sure, allergies can show at anytime. My DD's nut allergy wasn't discovered until she was 4. If you suspect allergies, I would ask GP to refer you to a paediatric allergist. Where are you based? I'm in London, both mine are under care of the Evilina at St Thomas' who are brilliant. If not allergies, he might need other tests, blood tests etc to rule anything else out. It is very hard xx

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