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Prednisolone not working for child's asthma

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Despairingandworried Wed 30-Dec-15 20:56:57

My DD (age 7) suffered with Viral Induced Wheeze since the age of 18 months old but has been clear and off all medication & free from any episodes for the last 18 months. However a day after getting the flu nasal vaccine (which now I realise she maybe shouldn't have had - & I feel dreadful about) she developed a v chesty cough resulting in her suffering non stop for the last 8 weeks with a constant wheeze and cough requiring ventolin every 3/4 hours day and night. During this time she's had 2 courses of prednisolone and antibiotics but nothing is stopping her suffering. She's exhausted from lack of sleep, she's shaking due to her high ventolin intake and suffering with nose bleeds and itching....oh it's all just awful and I'm at a loss to know what to do.
I guess my question is: has anyone else had a situation with asthma where prednisolone hasn't worked and what did you do? What can I try?

orangina Wed 30-Dec-15 21:07:52

I don't have any advice beyond going back to your gp for an urgent referral to paediatrics to get her seen to and her meds sorted out. Ds was wheezy at that age and after he was initially diagnosed, he was in a&e something like 6 times in 7 months. Prednisolone was fine and worked for us, so I can't advise you re: what else to try, but if it is not working, then your dd really must be seen again.

If your gp is not helpful (and I would class this as a reason to get an emergency appointment), then I would take her back to a&e and her seen by a consultant if at all possible.

Sorry I can't be of more practical help, but your situation doesn't sound terribly sustainable…. all the best.

Despairingandworried Wed 30-Dec-15 21:20:52

Thank you for replying. We've had years of emergency A&E admissions too and seeing a respiratory specialist tomorrow at Great Ormond St . I just wondered if anyone had experience of pred not working since in the past it has always worked for my children.
I hope your DS has hopefully fully grown out of his breathing problems. You are right in that my poor daughter cannot carry on like this. I just feel helpless and it's painful all round.

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