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Can anyone recommend a private immunology/allergy consultant in the North West?

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Morehastelessspeed Thu 17-Dec-15 21:18:28

Hi there

DS's eczema is getting worse each winter. He is 5.5 and has a history of milk allergy but we have now been discharged from the children's hospital. Wait times to be re referred are crazy so we have decided to go private. I want to know if his eczema is triggered by food allergies, dust mites etc. So want someone who can test for these things and advise on best topical treatments. Any recommendations gratefully recieved!

Galaxymum Mon 21-Dec-15 16:25:34

I have severe allergies which became worse and widespread a couple of years ago. I was refered to Preston to their allefy deptmt and I was very satisfied and felt very supported I had an inkling I had OralAllergy Syndrome and the specialist tested in the consultation and diagnosed me he did further tests and sent full results. He provided lots of info and forwarded me to a local dietitian. Don't send for tests through the post. I had one which was completely inaccurate.

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