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Face sensitivity rash on 4wk old ...??

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dgcoco5 Thu 17-Dec-15 18:43:17

My DD is 4 weeks old & has developed slight rash on her face .Health visitor says she has some milk spots but rest looks like some sensitive rash that she may have come into contact with but I can't think what it could be . I don't wear perfume and it can't be clothes detergent cus rash would have shown on her body but it's just her face . Shes only cleaned by water on her face any ideas what could be the cause ? Any of yr little ones experienced any facial rash ? It's not blotchy just tiny speckles and skin feels bit dry ...

Any ideas? ? ...confused

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 17-Dec-15 23:13:22

Eczema perhaps. See the GP. HVs don't know anything about dermatology.

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