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Help! How to handle a food challenge with a toddler?

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Teapig Tue 01-Dec-15 19:01:38

DD is 2.5 and she has a food challenge in two weeks time for cooked egg.

Does anyone know what food the hospital will give her for a cooked egg challenge?

Any advice on how to get a wilful toddler who is fussy with food through a challenge would be greatly appreciated.

She had two challenges a year ago but doesn't remember them. She sailed through the baked egg challenge and happily ate the cake. Her peanut butter challenge was hard as she refused to eat it so I had to hide it in all sorts of other food but she was little enough not to notice.

I'm worried she'll refuse outright, how do I encourage her to eat whatever it is?

I haven't explained to her about her allergies or the food challenge yet. I know I should but I can't find the words. I'm worried about putting her off the challenge entirely.

Any advice would be really welcome x

Her last challenge wa

trixymalixy Sat 05-Dec-15 16:21:24

It's usually cake or a biscuit for the cooked egg challenge, so hopefully you should have no problems.

You can't really force them to eat something if they don't want to though. We had to give up on a food challenge with my DS when he was wee as he just wouldn't eat.

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