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Colonoscopy next week, is endoscopy only way to diagnose Coeliac?

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Chocolate99 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:29:10

Evening all

i have suffered with previous bouts of what was thought to be IBS years ago and a recent trip to docs this week about suspected hernia resulted in appt with consultant gastro today. GP was concerned by my symptoms - lower back pain, abdominal pain, frequent toilet visits, before breakfast, urgent after breakfast, constant bloating and wind, at least two more toilet visits before bed etc. also my mums mum died of bowel cancer at 40, i am 39.

Consultant said he wants to do colonoscopy next fri followed by endoscopy shortly after. He mentioned obviously that they would lok for bowel cancer, polyps etc and possible coeliac. I have heard of coeliac but wasnt sure what it was, went on the online assessment and literally every sympto it mentions i have!! Even the ridiculous tiredness which resukt in lack of coordination and clear speech , my 4 yr old always laughs when i get my words mixed up and says its ok mummy i know you cant talk properly because you are tired..

Can the consultant only diagnose coeliac through endoscopy, he also doing blood tests today but sounds like the biopsy through mouth rather than bum is the only way to confirm? For past two weeks i have had no appetitie, thougt of food even chocolate does nothing for me, did anyone else have this at al as wonder if its my bodies way of saying no more wheat etc?! Xx

Itscliffmas Sat 28-Nov-15 21:01:33

From my understanding this is how they confirm a diagnosis, at one point one of my doctors thought I had coeliacs disease but blood tests ruled it out, like you I pretty much ticked every box of the symptoms. After an endoscopy, colonoscopy and ct scan I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease . It's good that you are getting both tests, it means you can find out what's happening.

Chocolate99 Sat 28-Nov-15 21:04:43

Hi lovely, thanks for that, i will await the endoscopy then, pretty sure i wont be crohns as overweight! 😆 my mother in law and ex boyfriend both had crohns pretty bad, its not great right? Hope you are well now? Xx

Itscliffmas Sat 28-Nov-15 22:50:46

I don't think everyone with Crohn's disease looses weight, It can be pretty serious, I was in a bad way when first diagnosed (stupidly self diagnosed myself as having IBS and didn't go to the doctor for months) But I have responded really well to treatment and (touch wood) symptom free at the moment smile
My gastro team have been amazing! It sounds like yours are on the ball too by getting your tests booked so quickly, I hope yours turns out to be something that is easily treatable (or managed with diet) too xx

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