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Nut free fruit/christmas cake

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Becca19962014 Fri 27-Nov-15 17:45:19

Last week I posted about making a Nut free cake for a friend who was widowed this year.

But I had no idea just how bad her allergy was until I saw her this afternoon. She can't have anything that's come into contact with nuts, anything that says made in a factory with nuts is out, and the fruit I bought for the cake (raisins, cherries, fruit peel) all says that, as does the sugarpaste icing.

I was wondering if anyone here has or knows of anyone with a similarly severe allergy to nuts and knows of a company that does nut free fruit for a Christmas cake? I really want to do this for her, but it seems rather impossible at the moment (I have a lot of other stuff going on and rather overwhealmed hence asking for advice here as it might not be as impossible as I'm thinking).

rogueelement Thu 03-Dec-15 16:38:33

This Tesco recipe looks quite promising:

In terms of dried fruit, I would check out the major supermarkets. I find that some plaster nut warnings everywhere, others are more specific. Sometimes the own-brand gets loads of 'may contain' warnings, but the branded stuff doesn't. It is a bit hit and miss.

Health food shops are usually out as many of them repackage things and have lots of nuts on the premises.

I would try Sainsbury's - had a quick look and their raisins look fine.

Take care with icing and obviously avoid marzipan!

good luck!

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