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CARROTS!! I waaaannnt the carrots!

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EagleRay Wed 11-Nov-15 22:29:13

DD is nearly 3 and over the last year or so has had a very restricted diet due to various suspected food allergies (under the care of a dietician) and is about to start testing for possible growth disorder (she's very short but not undernourished or underweight)

She's eaten carrots on and off but recently become a little bit crazy about them confused At bedtime she'll often ask for them (tonight she chomped through a bowlfull) and sometimes there's a request first thing when she wakes up. One night she even woke at 3.30am to request one and was distraught when I said no so I had to go and peel one and bring it back for her.

We're kind of amused, and relieved it's not crisps she's obsessed with but I was wondering if it could be at all related to her restricted diet, or allergies (like a craving or deficiency) or if it's likely to be just a toddler obsession thing? Strangely, her nusery were quite surprised when I said how mad she was for carrots as she doesn't ask for them when she's there; it seems to be restricted to home.

babybarrister Thu 12-Nov-15 22:08:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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