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Can a 2 year old develop a milk allergy?

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GoodGirlGoneWrong Tue 03-Nov-15 20:08:45

Just after some advice really, my nearly 2 year old has been suffering for the past 6 months with a bad tummy (been to the doctors several times and have been fobbed off) but I'm starting to think that it's an allergy.

Main symptoms are , explosive nappies with a foul smell, bloated belly, very unsettled at night, red rash on face around his mouth. Poor little mite has asthma and bad skin.

As a baby lots of colic and nasty reflux issues I did suggest an allergy then and was told its normal reflux etc.

Also noticed on his charts that he's not really growing either!

Any ideas I am back at the doctors tomorrow to pester again? I am fed up with being told its normal.

Artistic Thu 05-Nov-15 20:52:18

Same problem here with 13 month old. Am trying to be lactose free to see if that's the problem. Not sure if I need to avoid yogurt though as that's the one thing that settles DD's stomach on explosive days.

Those nappies smell terribly! I think we are sailing in the same boat!! What does GP say ?

SallyJune75 Thu 26-Nov-15 15:53:27

I had this with my 20 m/o. 8 weeks of diarrhoea (7-8 times a day, foul smelling, during the night too). Doctors were no help so I went to a homeopath. Cleared up within three days. They prescribed china, silica and a combination teething salt. they also prescribed a probiotic (yoghurt useless if dairy allergic..) called Infantis. Helps to repair their gut.

Have you tried to remove dairy? Definitely worth a shot first.The rash and fact your child already has asthma and eczema (bad skin..?) could point to a dairy (and poss egg?) allergy. Why not remove from the diet and get properly tested so you can know for sure?

We already know my son is allergic to dairy and eggs so we have also removed gluten and soya from his diet (apparently soya can cause gastro problems in 40% of kids with dairy allergy so steer clear and use Oatly/an alternative to soya, just in case).

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