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shower gel/bubble bath for very sensitive skin

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almostenglish Sat 24-Oct-15 14:07:31

DS used to react really badly to regular nappies and wipes. It all disappeared the moment we started using Naty nappies and Water wipes.

He's potty trained now do I stopped thinking about it much but the last few months he's been having what looks like exema behind his knees and it recently got worse, spreading to his face and legs. It occurred to me this morning that it must be what I'm using at bath time: sanex gel/shampoo and recently Radox bubble bath because the kids love bubbles.

What else can I use? I need shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath and it needs to be as gentle as possible so no paraben, organic, the lot.

NuffSaidSam Sat 24-Oct-15 19:57:51

You don't actually need shower gel and bubble bath. If he has sensitive skin you may need to use plain water.

E45 do a bubble bath/wash that is ok for children with eczema. You don't need bubble bath and shower gel, just one or the other (or preferably neither). I'm sure E45 probably do a shampoo as well.

Aveeno is good for sensitive skin. Oilatum also good for eczema prone skin. Both probably do wash/bubbles and something for hair.

AimingForMediocre Thu 29-Oct-15 16:39:26

Aveeno body wash, we have it on prescription, its great. Can use it on hair and body,lathers up nicely even giving bubbles in the bath.

trixymalixy Sat 31-Oct-15 08:33:26

Honestly I wouldn't bother. I've never used shampoo or bubble bath for my two and DD has hair down to her waist. You really don't need it.

anotherdayanothersquabble Sun 01-Nov-15 23:52:53

[] Castile soap]]

almostenglish Fri 06-Nov-15 12:17:54

Thanks aiming and anotherday, I'll check those out.

I know I don't need bubble bath** but when you're 3 going in the bath is much more fun when it's full of bubbles...

nearlyreadytopop Fri 06-Nov-15 19:43:11

Another vote for aveeno. It's very good for sensitive skin

FreeButtonBee Fri 06-Nov-15 19:45:57

Eucerin atocontrol bath oil has a bit of foam and is very soothing. £££££ but totally worth it. I used it for my DD (2) who has terrible excema.

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