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Can I cry? Tesco have stopped selling "Tesco Free From Creamy Iced Vanilla Dessert"

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Katymac Fri 02-Oct-15 15:38:43

It is annoying

EmmaSDee Fri 02-Oct-15 16:40:24

Was it gf? I didn't even know it existed but now it's gone I'm sad too. It's hard to get good desserts.

Katymac Fri 02-Oct-15 18:45:19

Gluten, egg, dairy & soya!!

So sad

Schrodingersmum Tue 13-Oct-15 22:04:50

Love their free from 'cornetto's' they are gf dairy and egg free

Katymac Tue 13-Oct-15 22:32:41

I know but I run a nursery & this was so nice for children with allergies as they could have the 'same' as everyone else

melonribena Thu 29-Oct-15 22:37:25

Our tesco sell Swedish glacé ice cream which is dairy free. It comes in a black hexagonal tub and is delicious!

Worth a try as an alternative

ishouldcocoa Thu 29-Oct-15 22:40:21

YY to Swedish Glacé ice cream. Think Sainsburys and Waitrose sell it. Maybe Ocado too?

Katymac Fri 30-Oct-15 07:44:52

unfortunately it has soya in - another allergy sad

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