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Rhinitus help

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waffles1 Tue 22-Sep-15 12:19:59

My two year old dd has been diagnosed with rhinitus. We are awaiting her hospital appointment at the allergy clinic to discover what the trigger is so we can manage her symptons better, however this is not until Nov. We are on the cancellation list so there is the chance we could be seen sooner, unlikely though. Can anybody offer any advice as we are struggling at the moment, mainly as dd suffers mostly during the night in the early hours, so every morning from 4am she will start to cough and she coughs so much she then vomits mucous. This is obviously totally distressing for her, and once she has recovered does not go back to sleep as has totally woken up. As a household we are all exhausted and i am now struggling as I just feel so tired and emotional. I end up losing my patience as i am just so tired, then feel guilty as i know it's just her fault. Now have the added pressure of not waking ds as he has just started school. This has been happening since she was 3 months old, she is now 2 so i am just desperate for some normality to return and to not feel so exhausted, not just me but dd too as she struggles with tiredness during the day. Since May we have removed cows from her diet which helped slightly, although the advice from health professionals is that it is unlikely to be food related and more dust. I hoover her room daily and wash her sheet every other day, there are no shelves and only 1 chest of drawers in her bedroom so i just feel lost as how i can help her anymore :-(

Schrodingersmum Tue 13-Oct-15 22:12:28

Poor thing, I suffer severely and can suggest a few things to check

As symptoms are nocturnal does your little one sleep with a pillow and stuffed toy? Check for feathers and dust mites as these are classic

Put the toys and pillow in the freezer to kill the mites off, if feather replace, use allergy bedding to stop dust mite build up

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