Arm & hammer allergic reaction!!!

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Chocqueen99 Fri 18-Sep-15 15:08:30

Has anyone ever used arm & hammer toothpaste it's the advance white one and had an allergic reaction? ? I started using it about a week ago an my tongue felt a bit funny at the front like I had burnt it then over the next few days it went a bit patchy my tongue & weird just didn't look right and in the middle but towards the back it's a bit lumpy. I think the last time I used it was Sunday morning. ..It doesn't hurt but it's not gone back to normal yet I'm only assuming it's the toothpaste.

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Chocqueen99 Sun 20-Sep-15 09:26:55

Since reading it was the toothpaste I have read a hell of a lot of reviews online about bad reactions!

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Gigiadams Fri 13-Sep-19 16:09:15

I began using Arm & Hammer advanced white toothpaste on September 9th, before retiring for bed. My mouth began to burn badly. I rinsed it out with cool water and it was not working. I retired to bed and the next morning my mouth was swollen so bad, I had to go to the hospital emergency room. I could hardly breathe and the painful burning in my mouth and lips was burning terribly. My lips had swollen so big I was not recognizable. Severe pain in my mouth, swollen tongue and my lips with difficulty breathing was diagnosed as Anaphylatic shock. Steroids and a shot was my treatment along with a liquid to swallow to help ease my pain and burning. I am still experiencing a low grade burning sensation in my mouth and inner lips and tongue. Pictures available by request. @gigi1015, (

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