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CMPI? 14 week old, help!

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HariboFrenzy Sat 05-Sep-15 06:47:21

To keep things brief... my 14 week old ebf baby has now fallen 3 centiles and is now off the chart. I have a thread already.

Basically, poor weight gain, both cousins have CMPI, he's only been having one dirty nappy every 7-8 days and it's always dark brown diarrhea and mucousy, has red stuffy nose, extremely windy, bloated tummy, often gulps and grimaces between feeds.

Since Monday i've been dairy free. He's had 2 dirty nappies this week (unusual in itself) the first on wednesday slightly less dark and although still diarrhea less mucousy but still offensive smell. The second, yesterday (friday) still soaked into his nappy but yellow in colour and smelled yeasty (as they used to until diarrhea started at 7 weeks).

I understand that 5 days is very early days in terms of dairy being out of our systems but seems too much of a coincidence that his poo has improved the same week i've cut out dairy?

Any advice??

HariboFrenzy Sat 05-Sep-15 07:46:08

Sorry dont know how to add links

ScarletBegonia1234 Sun 06-Sep-15 14:12:25

That seems like a really good sign to me! My ds has dairy intolerance though not to that degree ( didn't affect weight but gave reflux and excema symptoms plus like you only poo every 4 or so days. I noticed an improvement within a couple of days and he now hasdirty nappies every day (it used to be so rare we would all cheer when he went! ) with no mucous. it takes about 3 weeks to completely leave your system but you should see improvement already. Fingers crossed you may have sussed it! FYI many babies who are cmpi are also sensitive to soya so you may want to cut that out too...well done though and hopefully you will see the effects at your next weighing

ScarletBegonia1234 Sun 06-Sep-15 14:13:50

Also the nose stuffiness took about a week to go once I went dairy free

nearlyreadytopop Sun 18-Oct-15 18:23:38

For us projectile vomiting stopped within 48 hours. Congestion took me to remove soy and egg from my diet and it was gone too.
Dairy free diet while ebf is tough, you need to look after your calcium and vit D intake.
Would recommend keeping a food diary and recording symptoms as well so you can share with GP and dietician.

silversixpence Wed 04-Nov-15 18:37:32

I am in similar situation, DS is 21 weeks and dropped two centiles. I did stop dairy for 3 weeks but not sure whether small amounts of dairy were still in my system as I didn't notice a huge improvement. I restarted dairy but he does seem a bit worse so planning to try again tomorrow. He also has mucous in stools which smell very vinegar and constant projectile vomiting.

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