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Reflux, Allergy or something else? Feeling confused and a bit desperate.

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WelshGirlSeeksMarmite Thu 06-Aug-15 14:17:03

I have read a lot of threads with similar issues to me but I’m posting my situation in the hope that someone might have some advice as I’m feeling increasingly confused and a bit desperate – apologies in advance for the long post!

My 9 week old daughter was half-heartedly diagnosed by a doctor with reflux and colic at about 2/3 weeks old but nothing was done about the reflux although I was giving her Infacol for the colic but stopped a few weeks ago as it didn’t seem to make any difference. I say half-heartedly as the doctor didn’t examine her and diagnosed her purely based on our description of her symptoms. As such, I’ve always been sceptical as to whether she really has reflux and also because she varies so much each day. Some days she has no problems at all and is a happy baby, other days she’s screaming and crying in pain, pulls away quite violently when feeding but then seems to want to comfort feed/suck at the same time, arches her back (always to the right) and brings up quite a lot of milk often hours after she feeds. Her stomach has always been quite distended and she has explosive farts and hiccups. A lot of dirty nappies which vary in colour and texture but are often green and mucousy. She is a very noisy sleeper, often groaning and straining whilst asleep.

So with all these symptoms and from looking into what it might be, it seemed possible that it could also be CMPA. I have cut out dairy but that’s only been a week so too early to tell however she has been particularly bad the last couple of days making me go back to thinking it might just be reflux. Feeling awful to see her like this and not knowing what to do. I’m not against giving her medication as I obviously don’t want her to suffer but I don’t want her to take medication without being certain that she has a particular condition. Any advice gratefully received.

WingingIt1 Fri 07-Aug-15 10:05:14


I know exactly what you are going through - it is really tough! My DS was very unsettled for the first 8 weeks and we were continually visiting the GP until eventually our HV suggested we try a non-dairy formula. DS had a milk allergy and had to go on Nutramigen formula. The transformation was almost instantaneous - within 12 hours we had a different baby. DS had lots of symptoms including the reflux, vomiting, very unsettled, bringing his knees up as if he was in pain, constipation and a rash all over him (they tried to fob us off initially and tell us this was just milk rash that babies get). DS is now 2.2 and we are slowly introducing dairy again with a milk ladder from a nutritionist.

I don't know if this will help you but a lot of the symptoms seem to be the same. However, if it is linked to her diet as soon as you stop the dairy then you should see an improvement surely? I would ask your HV and if your still not happy go back and get a second opinion at your GP.

Just remember you know your baby better than anyone - if you are not happy with what they are saying then keep pushing and don't be afrad to ask questions!

Good luck!

Birdy88 Tue 11-Aug-15 17:42:29

Hi, new to mumsnet but saw your post and relate so much with my 9 week old, and like you increasingly confused and desperate!

My daughter was diagnosed with reflux at a few weeks old after she was constantly bringing up feeds, like you I have never been convinced that it was definitely that. She does get uncomfortable, gets very fussy, can be very difficult to bring wind up, lots of trumps, hiccups, comfort eats, doesn't sleep and now dribbles lots. Over the past couple of weeks her poos have become increasingly mucusy and bright green, with the last 5 days having blood in them. Specks of red bright blood, and very very smelly. More mucus than poo in my opinion. Now we went to the paediatrician on Sunday and they have sent her nappy for testing, at this point for an infection or something. They seem reluctant to allergy test because 'she seems well in herself' at the moment.

I'm so frustrated because it's not getting any better, but it seems they won't do anything until she becomes ill! Something is clearly not right, and I'm just at a loss to do about it.

My daughter never settles until after 11 at night and is now up every 2 hours at least, I'm exhausted!

She is primarily breastfed but has one formula feed each evening. She will feed from me before hand, have six oz and then still need to feed from me straight after. Then is up 2 hours later wanting to feed again.

Any advice is more than welcome.
Please let me know how your getting on!

WingingIt1 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:29:01

Gosh... It sounds like you are having a really awful time of it! My DS had mucus in his stools and very smelly ones and I was told by my health visitor that it was part of his stomach lining as he couldn't tolerate cows milk and so his body was reacting. We were put on a special formula and had a different baby within hours. He didn't have blood in his stools though and I'm not a medical expert so maybe they will find and treat an infection quickly for you (fingers crossed!)

It doesn't sound like she is very settled though or well in herself if she is having cramps, reflux etc. I'd ask the question directly about a milk allergy and argue that she is not well at all!

Good luck and fingers crossed they get her diagnosed and treated asap!

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