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"Not suitable for milk allergy sufferers" ?!?!?!

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cjt110 Thu 30-Jul-15 08:47:28

There are NO milk ingredients or lactose and no cautionary warning of "May contain milk" but states "Not suitable for milk allergy sufferers"... I am so confused!

That doesnt make ANY sense!

I have discovered this on both Rich tea biscuits and also readybrek (supermarket's own). Can someone please explain this to me?

chelle792 Thu 30-Jul-15 08:49:56

It means the factory they come from contains milk. Cross contamination risk. Very occasionally i react to something which may contain milk but not badly enough for me to avoid

cjt110 Thu 30-Jul-15 09:30:51

Chelle792 Thanks for the explanation. It is just a variation then on "may contain milk"?

fraggle84 Sat 01-Aug-15 09:48:27

Yes it is, just a warning for people with severe reactions. Normally the recipes milk free but the machinery is used for products containing milk so they can guarantee no milk traces from the production

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