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Reflux and colic, does she have CMPA?

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sharond101 Wed 29-Jul-15 13:32:18

Dd 11wks has reflux and colic. She is a velcro baby and gets easily unsettled. She has been on infacol, gaviscon and ranitidine for some time and is ebf. She was changed from ranitidine to omeprazole and from infacol to dentinox yesterday as she still seems upset in the afternoons and evening. She sleeps well overnight. She has a rash on her face which appears and fades throughout the day. A friend suggested cmpa. I have tried being dairy free for almost one week. 2 nights ago I had a tiny amount of ricotta cheese by accident. She was very windy overnight but that could be coiincidence and probably too soon after cutting out dairy for a reaction to be seen on challenging? I am thinking the change of medication and going dairy free is too much to try all at once as then I won't know which is making the difference. Any opinions on whether she sounds like a cmpa candidate and on whether to continue dairy free or not or wait to see if the new medicines work?

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