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cow's milk challenge....eczema

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myminnie Tue 28-Jul-15 20:46:01

My 13 month old baby has been on nutramigin lipil since he was approx 3 months. We have been through the first stages of cow's milk reintroduction since he was about 9 months (as guided by the dietician). He had no problems with this at all. He has now been having bottles of cow's milk for the last 3 weeks and the last few days has been covered in a sand papery rash over his tummy/chest and now red raised areas in both elbow creases. He had no bad responses right up until now. Wondering can it take 3 wks for a skin reaction to appear. He has had no stomach problems (thankfully )! I have also recently changed from non bio to bio washing powder but again, it was a few weeks ago. I hate the thought of having to stop the cow's milk as he was doing so well on it and he adores it!!!!! Thanks for any help.

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