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Vague results on - 4 yr old

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SerialGoogler Thu 23-Jul-15 08:21:27

Hello, I wonder if you can help me make some sense of these results. As background, I saw a private paediatrician as I wanted to discuss some on going health concerns without a 10 min clock ticking. On the back of this he ordered some blood tests which included Coeliac. Having read up on it, it seems to fit a lot of his symptoms (pale, sloppy poo for as long as I can remember, picky eater, insatiable appetite for carbs) but I realise there are A LOT of symptoms with CD. He is also quick to melt down. And I guess the trigger for the appointment was when my mum pointed out it wasn't normal to be buying a double buggy for a 4 year old...but I was sick of trying to push/carry him and DS2 who is 23m. He doesn't have stamina.
Anyway, I had convinced my self that he would get a positive for CD but it was negative.
The Paed mumbled something about his other antibody being elevated but decided to push for excluding dairy while we repeat the tests. I will do as asked but he doesn't eat a ton of dairy as it is and I noticed no change in his stools when he gave up milk at around 2.
Anyway, I got a copy of is results and although Ttg was <0.1 (0-10) his Iga was <0.1 (0.3-3.0). And his EMA was"equivocal". To me that means and Iga deficiency?
I have asked for the HLA test on the next bloods but am I clutching at straws? I have no info on paternal side of family so there could be history or not. Or should I push for a GI consultation? The next bloods with be via GP.
Happy to exclude wheat/gluten if turns out to be a sensitivity but don't want to mask CD if he has it.

SerialGoogler Thu 23-Jul-15 09:30:44

Just to add for reference: his bloods show him to be mildly anaemic, low sodium (can't fathom why, doc said it would be something or nothing confused) low monocytes and low lymphocytes.

SerialGoogler Thu 23-Jul-15 12:20:19


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