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9 wk old baby, screaming all day...

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Coastingit Wed 08-Jul-15 19:27:16

She's my second so I feel a bit green asking this one!

She had her 8wk jabs a week ago, probably totally unrelated.

Last two days she has not settled at all during the day, as in not slept at all except catnapping in my arms. Not sustainable for my mental health (I have a demanding toddler) and she needs more sleep, the poor thing is red eyed and is hoarse from screaming.

She is feeding ok and usually burping although I don't really burp her as she hasn't seemed to need it, posseting a bit as usual but today seems more than usual and clear liquid a long time after feed too. Poos normal but she does seem relieved and happier for an hour or so after a poo.

Reflux? Tummy bug? Random developmental thing? Please help, I'm at the end of my tether. I will take her to HV on Fri if no better tomorrow, but should I go straight to GP? Or ignore as typical baby stuff?

I was the mum in the supermarket today in late afternoon who was telling off her toddler constantly while ignoring the screaming baby in the pram - she had been screaming literally all day, whether in my arms or not - what can I do?! She has finally crashed out for the evening, she sleeps very well at night feeding 3 hourly and sleeping in between, but the last few nights seems to be in pain from the early hours of the morning, crying but not from hunger. Is it just wind???

I have Dr Browns bottles (formula fed) but not currently using Infacol.

DoItTooJulia Wed 08-Jul-15 20:09:43

Hi op. That sounds tough. I'd go to my gp, can you book with the one that did the six week check? They'll know what she was like 3 weeks ago, which can be helpful.

Sometimes, Well, I found it with my second, second children need you to stop and not have other stuff to do. To just be able to sit and rock them/sing/whatever, but because life is so bloody busy when no2 comes along there just isn't time to do it! Can your mom, friend, sister, brother, dad, mil/fil take the toddler for a couple of hours every now and again?

I'm not criticising you, I just read that back and it sounded a bit wierd. I mean it nicely, honestly!

Anyway, I'm rambling. Get her to the gp tomorrow and let us know how she/you are!

DearTeddyRobinson Wed 08-Jul-15 20:12:27

Sounds a bit like reflux to me. Get her to the gp as soon as you can, infant gaviscon could help her a lot. Poor little thing & poor you thanks

TheLastPickleInTheJar Mon 27-Jul-15 10:27:51

How's dd now coastingit? I hope it was nothing serious.

Coastingit Mon 27-Jul-15 21:44:01

It was reflux! All sorted, sort of, she naps only in sling now but at least I know what the problem was. She was a month prem and prem babies are apparently more prone to reflux problems. GP prescribed infant Gaviscon but tbh I haven't been giving it to her, it's such a faff to give. I'm managing to keep her happy by basically keeping her in the sling for most of the day. Works well with toddler too as I can run ragged after her while dd2 is in sling rather than deafening us both screaming in the pram grin

The tell tale sign apparently to look for is (apart from instinct that they are in pain, and the crying for no clear reason) is vomiting clear liquid an hour and a half or so after feeding, as that is when their stomach is digesting the milk and then some travels back up as the valve is faulty. It burns and hurts, and if really bad can cause burning and damage to the oesophagus. First step is Gaviscon which thickens stomach contents and prevents it travelling up so easily. Then ranitidine which neutralises the acid so it doesn't hurt or cause damage, the omeprazole which is anti nausea and anti sickness. Some babies need all 3. I feel I have it under control without giving her anything but now I know what it is I can help her - she has it relatively mildly as she sleeps so well flat at night. Maybe she just faked it to get daytime sling cuddles hmm grin

Hopefully my thread will help someone else anyway.

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