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What hayfever remedies work best?

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Sorryjustthinking Fri 03-Jul-15 21:25:57

I am 38 and have never suffered from hay fever until this year.
Last few weeks, mainly my left eye is really sore and tender. It feels like there's a burning tear stuck in both corners. Nose occasionally runs in the day but blocked at night.
Tried 2 different antihistamines and a homeopathic remedy but they don't seem to help.
What works to alleviate your symptoms?

WhatWouldGibbsDo Sat 04-Jul-15 08:29:40

Sorry you're suffering - my hayfever seemingly appeared out of nowhere in my twenties, no idea why though! It might be worth trying a few different antihistamines as different ones seem to work for different people - even if they apparently contain the same active ingredient confused. Benadryl one a day seems to work best for me, but most work better after taking them for a few days I think. If it's just your left eye though it might be worth looking at just to be sure it's not something else? Though what you've described does sound quite similar to what I get. The only other thing that helps me is washing my face when my eyes start burning, I don't know if I'm cleaning invisible pollen off or it's just soothing but it seems to help grin

Nicky12345 Sun 05-Jul-15 23:54:23

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Sorryjustthinking Mon 06-Jul-15 11:31:07

Just wanted to thank u for your responses and advice.
Yesterday I was close to trying a 3rd antihistamine as the other 2 only worked for a few hours, not all day as they claim. My sister suggested I try a different homeopathic remedy and shockingly all my symptoms have gone and not returned, it's nothing short of a miraclesmile

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