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Low FODMAP . Should I see a Dietician (this will be lengthy, just to warn you)

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 01-Jul-15 00:18:42

Brief history . (Posted on here so I don't keep whining on other threads)

Been a vegetarian since 14yo (I'm now 49). thought I was ok health/dietwise until I got extreme pain both sides of abdomen.
After tests (scan,colonoscopy,) I had a gallstone (removed gallbladder last year) and diverticular disease. (Extreme loose bowel, bloating,cramp)

So, through some trial and error. Cheddar cheese can leave me in agony ( improved since the gallbladder removed) but can't eat much.My cholesterol levels have improved since I cut down.
Some Quorn leaves me with painful bloat.
I don't eat butter (don't like it).
Lactose free milk made no difference

I used to drink a 300ml bottle of orange juice (stopped now)

So - been adviced to try low FODMAP and had to make some changes .
I've removed pasta,bread,pastry,biscuits. Now GF bread,GF pasta, ricecake. I'm going to try cornchips

Removed all dairy (even though FODMAP allows hard cheddar,lactose free,) in favour of soya milk , almond milk and soya yoghurt.

I've had no fruit, but tried some pomegranate juice. I'll try banana and grapes.

I'm ok with Quorn fillets it was the Best of British Quorn sausage that caused the problems.
For protein, I can eat eggs.

Should I ask my GPs for a Dietician referall? Should I do this diet for say , 3 months then ask?

I do feel better (a bit) less bloating pain I've noticed (but that could be mind over matter)

Oh, and no milk chocolate. sad
Got a bar of Bournville as an Extra Special treat to have an odd square. Joy.

Really meh because I thought I was eating quite healthy (before all this happened) but obviously , not.

TheOracleofSelphie Mon 20-Jul-15 16:16:35

I would ask for a referal now, as it will likely take a long time to get to see a dietician and you can try out the diet in the interim.

By the way, lots of gluten free items aren't low fodmap so watch out. For example, xanthan gum (any gum really), any fibre or flour from a pulse (including peas), carageen too, all can be triggers. And brown rice (rather than white rice) can trigger some people.

The low fodmap book by Sue Shephard is a good read.

Babieseverywhere Tue 28-Jul-15 15:44:56

I had very loose motions with urgency for years following gall bladder removal. sad

I am now on a miracle treatment....Questran.

I now take four doses a day and as long as I avoid milk...I am virtually well again.

I tried taking everything out of my diet for a couple of months....went down to plain white rice and eggs. It helped everything calm down.

Now I can tolerate spices, onions etc just not milk.

Ask your doctor about Questran, it is brilliant. smile

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