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Latex/Metal/Elastane Free Bra???

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ThreeFroglets Thu 25-Jun-15 23:51:35

Does anyone know where I can find a bra that is 100% cotton please?

I haven't been able to wear a 'proper' bra for over a year now.
I have a latex allergy amongst others and had to stop wearing all my old bras as the rashes/reactions were getting worse and worse. I've been wearing a Comfort Top with a pull on bra top over the top. This is fine for everyday, except the Sloggi bra has Lycra thread round the bottom and in the shaping seams in the cups which is irritating me, even worn inside out, and the pull on bras can be a bit I'd like a bit more support.

I find most bras, even the so-called cotton rich ones have a grippy silicone strip around the band and round the cup tops...this gives me hives/raw skin.

So, probably asking the impossible, but I need a bra with:

no metal adjusters;
no wires;
no exposed Lycra/elastane or other elasticy/stretchy materials;
no silicone strips;
no lace edgings as they irritate me too;
and, size 34E or thereabouts!

I'm not fussy about colour/style/shape.

I have seen these cotton bra liners, but they have an elastic band around the bottom, and 100% cotton bras but they are only small cup sizes.

Any suggestion gratefully received smile

LoloKazolo Fri 26-Jun-15 11:05:55

Cottonique do them. Also the Eczema Foundation had a list somewhere...But I can't find it just now sorry.

ThreeFroglets Fri 26-Jun-15 18:20:50

Thanks for replying LoloKazolo.....Cottonique only seem to do small cup sizes, do you know any where else I could try?

LoloKazolo Sun 28-Jun-15 16:58:04

Oh I thought size 7 would do for 34E but I guess it's a little small. I know that Decent Exposures will do their bras without latex or anything you like so it's well worth calling/emailing if you could wear something from them.

Otherwise, I guess look for tofu welder shops.

LoloKazolo Sun 28-Jun-15 16:59:33

Also if you post on Style and Beauty there are a few serious bra experts on there who might do better. StatisticallyChallenged might know!

ThreeFroglets Wed 01-Jul-15 00:07:00

Thankyou for all your help, LoloKazolo.
Cottonique say their bras are suitable for A-C cups, and they only have the smallest sizes in stock at te moment, but I will contact them to check!
Those Decent Exposures ones look perfect so I will be ordering a couple to try.
Thankyou flowers

marshallcrew Sun 13-Aug-17 04:29:03

ThreeFroglets, did you find a solution to this bra issue? I have developed the same reaction and have spent a small fortune on bras, but everyone continues to contribute to the rash around the bottom line. Thanks.

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