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Started milk ladder yesterday

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wherearetheteaspoons Tue 09-Jun-15 10:07:43

My 18 month old was diagnosed with a Non-IGE milk allergy at 3 months, she was bf until 12 months, if that's relevant. After 3 weeks of me cutting out all milk and milk derivatives she was a changed baby. We've been getting along fine, keeping her on the same diet I was on whilst I was feeding her.

Anyway, she had a review with the dietitian yesterday and we decided it was time to give the milk ladder a go, so she had her malted milk at lunch yesterday and this morning the stinky, mucousy poo was back for the first time in over a year. Nothing else has changed in her diet, we're being very strict. I'd be surprised if she has reacted so quickly but I can't thinking any other explanation for it. I'm disappointed that it looks like we've fallen at the first hurdle.

The only other thing going on is that she has some back teeth coming through, whether or not that would affect anything I'm not sure. She's otherwise well in herself and not showing any signs of discomfort. I'm going to give her another one with lunch today but don't know how many days to keep trying, I don't want to keep pushing it if it's just causing problems. Anyone else had problems at the first attempt?

Artesia Wed 10-Jun-15 13:06:33

Hi! Am doing first milk ladder for my 18 month old too. Nerve wracking isn't it?!

We haven't had the same reaction as your DD am afraid, but I do think teethng can lead to funny poo. If she's not in discomfort, is it worth carrying on for a few days to see how it goes? I have spent a good few days at each stage, much longer than consultant suggested, just so I could be sure how DS reacted before we moved on, so started with 1/3 malted milk, then 1/2, 3/4, whole one, then 2 in a day before we stepped up.

We are now on stage 3 (chocolate muffins- yum!). Poo is all normal so far, and no rash or vomiting, which we had when he first had dairy as a baby, but his exzema has flared up. Like you, am now in 2 minds about what to do, as it may not be related. He seems happy enough though, so am going to persevere. My hope is to get far enough up the ladder that I can stop worrying about "hidden" milk in products, even if he can't tolerate cheese, yogurts etc yet.

Fingers crossed for you. Do let me know how you get on.

wherearetheteaspoons Thu 11-Jun-15 22:12:36

I've stuck with it this week and gradually the mucous is disappearing, she's still OK otherwise so I wonder if it is the teeth or maybe the change in weather. I remember last summer when it was hot she had some bad nappies and it was at the same time that we were just introducing egg and thought it might have been that but turned out to be just an annoyingly timed coincidence. I thought I was quite easy going until this week, I feel a bit silly for panicking after the first day on just one biscuit.

Like you say it will be a relief not to have to check the ingredients on everything for the hidden milk and as long as we can get through the first few stages it will make life a bit easier. I am dreading the shepherds pie though, I can see the first few baked things on the list being fairly easy and if there was any reaction it would probably only be slight but I have a horrible feeling that could be the week where we see that horrendous vomiting make a return. It seems so long ago that we had to put up with all that that I now can't believe she was ever that unwell and that we really lived like that. I would hate for her to even have one meal that made her that sick again.

wherearetheteaspoons Fri 24-Jul-15 08:04:52

Sorry for reigniting this after month but just an update if anyone was in the same boat.

We got to the end of the first week of the ladder (through gritted teeth), the nappies got worse, by the end of the week we had clear mucous with absolutely no poo at all and she went off her food and mood was definitely getting worse so we didn't move on to the next step and called the dietitian who said to retry in 3 months.

Well dd hadn't been right for a few weeks after this, I was expecting it to take about 3 weeks as it has done when there have been slips in the past but it was going on and on and was getting better and then worse and we couldn't work out why as we had been very strict. I suspected she had started to have a problem with soya which she had always previously been fine with. At her appt with the consultant they said that probably was the case and she was probably too young to have even attempted to be challenged yet and more likely she'll be ready again after she is 2. So we cut out the soy and she's fine again.

So I'm cross and frustrated. We're in, I feel, a more difficult position than before and she now has to give up her (soya) cheese, yogurts and ice cream she had been happily eating and all because of bad advice.

I know lots of people on these boards manage a dairy and soya free existance quite easily but any help with avoiding soya would be appreciated as it's never been a problem before and now, when I felt confident I knew what to give dd, I feel I'm starting all over again. I also know there are coconut alternatives for yogurts and ice cream, which to be honest she won't miss if we cut it out altogether, but they're quite pricey. I'm happy making anything, I've gone back to baking bread, and I'm happy putting together a lunchbox for when we're out of the house. I suppose the main things are the substitute products, has anyone found a suitable cheese and/or chocolate substitute? I've started buying the Wot No Dairy yogurts which I found gross but she eats happily.

Sorry for waffling and also if I'm over complicating things.

Oodear Fri 24-Jul-15 21:27:48

Try vegusto for cheese and vegan produce

Diamondsandpears Fri 24-Jul-15 21:38:12

Sometimes it is easier to shift your focus for meals rather than try to do a straight swap. Some of the alternatives are not overly palatable. You are doing well. Hope she is back to herself now.

wherearetheteaspoons Mon 27-Jul-15 08:12:43

Thank you Oodear, I've had a look at vegusto, might be a bit pricey for me but I'll bear it in mind if we get stuck.

Diamonds, I think you might be right and a total rethink might be the way to go. Although she did enjoy the gross Tesco soya cheese, the benefit of not knowing what cheese is supposed to taste like I guess.

handmadewithlove Mon 27-Jul-15 08:20:57

We use violife cheese from tesco / asda which is coconut based. It doesn't taste too bad! Also try sorbet instead of ice cream. Some have milk on but supermarket own brand seem ok. Sainsburys also do a coconut cream ( in a small tetrapak) or oatly cream.

DrDiva Mon 27-Jul-15 08:46:14

Yours sounds very similar to us. DS has been dairy and soya free for a couple of years (has just turned 3). We are just doing the soya ladder - first time around a couple of months ago we only got to step 2, though yesterday we made biscuits with soya spread and so far so good! It s a long-haul thing, though I have no doubt he will be fine eventually, as almost all his other allergies have disappeared.
We use violife too - the original flavour. He hates the others! For chocolate there is Moo Free, although some of it has soya lecithin, so you have to check the packs. Mostly though we just use Lindt 70%. He asnt eaten newt chocolate until now, really.
For cooking we use Pure and coconut oil. White sauces we use coconut milk or unsweetened almond. I bake everything from scratch (just because it's my hobby anyway!), although sainsbury's Free From range is pretty good for no dairy or soya, except their chocolate.
If I think of more, will post later - ds is climbing on me.

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