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6 month old moving to formula - allergy?

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Liosalfar Thu 04-Jun-15 21:46:44


My little boy has always suffered from quite a bit of digestive discomfort from birth - he is extremely windy, has always had reflux ( was on ranitidine) and extremely dry skin with mild eczema. He was very bad until about 3 months then things settled down a bit. His nappies have always been very, very runny ( we have to have to change his clothes every time). He is breastfed though so could be within his normal.

I couldn't breastfeed directly and so have been expressing my milk for him. I really wanted to stop expressing so decided to introduce 100mls of formula at one feed. I've done this for a couple of days in a row on three occasions now.

Each time he gets very windy and completely constipated - which I assume might be expected with the change in diet ( although it isn't a big amount). He also becomes very unsettled, starts pulling his legs up - again I guess this could be the constipation. In addition every time he has developed quite an extensive pin prick rash on his face and a little on his body.

I'm just wondering whether this sounds like it might be something more than just a change to formula? I completely appreciate I need to speak to a medical professional about this to get an answer (which I will do) but was more looking for whether this sounds like it might be something to be concerned about?

He is my second DC and my first didn't have any of these issues! I don't know instinctively I just have a feeling that he may have a difficulty with milk.

dairyfreebabyandme Fri 05-Jun-15 13:09:18


It sounds entirely possible that it could be delayed (Non-Ige) cow's milk allergy see here: This really useful website that has a symptom checker questionaire thing see here: (Your baby does not have to meet all of the criterion to qualify as it were.) It might be worth looking at that before seeing your GP and also this page:

Hope this helps!

Liosalfar Fri 05-Jun-15 17:13:58

Thank you that's great! Will definitely help to be informed before seeing the GP, I'm wanting to go in prepared so they don't just instantly think 'normal unsettled baby, paranoid mumwink'

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