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Food aversion getting help

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dairyfreebabyandme Wed 03-Jun-15 12:42:53

Hi! Just wondered if anyone else has had problem with food aversion (it seems common in children with food allergies). I want to get some help as LO seems to gag on veg. Has anyone managed to get help from HCPs? If so, how?

PragmaticWench Wed 10-Jun-15 20:16:41

Just seen your post. DD has food aversions and allergies. We've spent over a year seeing the dieticians at the local hospital (plus allergy, eczema and also asthma clinics) and I've continually asked for a referral to a specialist for feeding therapy. After pushing the issue it turns out my GP could have made the referral!!

I looked online at my nearest paediatric hospital with a dedicated feeding clinic (this one was within gastro), called the clinic secretary and asked for the referral criteria. I'm now asking my GP to fax a referral.

Not sure if that helps?

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