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Do I need a mattress protector or anti allergy mattress or both...

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MonoNoAware Wed 03-Jun-15 09:37:14

..or a cheaper mattress renewed annually or just a weekly hoover?

Sorry, I realise there are loads of these type threads, but after spending all evening reading through them, I'm still very confused.

DS wakes every morning with a stuffy nose. We put this down to hay fever because it is markedly worse during high pollen season, but it was quite stuffy throughout this last winter, especially when we stayed in a rented apartment for a week in February, so I think dust mites are playing at least some part in it. The poor child is currently on cetirizine hydrochloride tablets for the hay fever and is still snoring all night and stuffy every morning.

I've removed cuddly toys from the bed area and bought cotton bedding that is washed weekly at 60 degrees. I'm going to order him a new duvet and pillow today, probably those anti allergy ones on here that fit in a normal washing machine and can be washed at 60 degrees.

However, I am stuck with what to do with his mattress. As I see it, the options are:

- Anti allergy mattress
- One of those zipped and waterproof mattress covers
- A mattress protector or topper of some description
- An inexpensive sprung mattress which can be hoovered weekly and replaced every 12-18 months
- Any combination of the above

To complicate matters further, he has an IKEA Kura bed which he loves, but which fits a European single mattress (90 x 200 compared to a UK 90 x 190), so any anti allergy mattress or fitted cover I buy is not going to fit very well.


Any advice will be very gratefully received...

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