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Help! Rash - what is this

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hipdawson Sun 31-May-15 15:26:51


My little boy has had this rash since he was a few months old. It comes and goes throughout the day but is always there. He has very bad reflux still at 9 months. Is sick many times a day. I suspect he has a few intolerances as he's sick after more feeds than others. I'm not sure if these are hives though as they are not raised. Thanks

hazeb91 Sat 13-Jun-15 22:06:54

Eczema? If I eat something I'm intolerant to my face will come out like this. Then the next day it will start to dry up and I have scaly patches which will last about a week. It's only really on my cheeks and sometimes chin. If it's a more severe reaction it will burn. Sometimes I don't know I've reacted until I look in the mirror though.

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