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we are such bad parents :(

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eddm Sat 01-May-04 22:25:41

Went to wedding one of our oldest friends today. It was lovely. Ds, 9 months, really enjoyed himself and was no trouble at all. But there were no baby changing facilities at the reception. We usually put cream on his eczema (which is all over his body) every nappy change, but because we couldn't undress him properly (changed nappy on a garden bench but too cold to take all his clothes off) he didn't get as much cream as usual. Now we've come home and his patches are really bad. Feel awful, poor little man, it was really upsetting him and he was tearing at his skin Next time we go somewhere with no changing facilities I'll strip him off anyway, even if it is freezing, I'd rather he was upset briefly by the cold than his skin got so bad...

mummytojames Sat 01-May-04 22:33:32

i find carrying around those disposable changing mats are good as they have something soft to lie on and they dont feel so bad about the cold also if no where to change him head for the toilets

hth and i hope e feels better soon and your not bad parents you were doing what you thought was best at the time and that was keeping your baby warm that makes you a great parent

deegward Sat 01-May-04 22:34:28

eddm, you're not bad parents, you did the best you could. Lash the cream on, and hopefully he will be better ( not perfect i know) tomorrow. Hugs to you. Glad you all enjoyed the day though.

marthamoo Sat 01-May-04 22:35:54

You are not bad parents. Next time though I would just blatantly strip him off in the middle of the wedding reception - can't see any guests objecting and the venue cannot possibly object as they didn't provide nappy change facilities. Hope he feels better soon xx

eddm Sat 01-May-04 22:43:41

Thanks everyone, you are very kind. I did find it strange there was nowhere to change babies at a wedding – there were four or five there (aren't there always?). Really can't bring myself to put his mat down on the floor in a loo...

mummytojames Sat 01-May-04 22:46:04

it was just a idea if you were worried it was to cold outside as inside it provides some shelter from the wind

eddm Sat 01-May-04 22:51:29

Thanks mummytojames, I know what you mean... thinking about it could have put his mat down on the dancefloor while the wedding breakfast was going on but everyone was eating and would have been in full view! Can you imagine the thank-you letter we would have got?! 'Thanks so much for sharing our special day and the lamps are lovely, just one thing...'

marthamoo Sat 01-May-04 22:52:26

LOL, eddm

toddlerbob Sun 02-May-04 04:02:52

In hotels with no changing facilities I strip and cream my ds on their nicest looking sofa in reception. The person who comes over to tell you to stop is usually the tight little person who wouldn't sign the requisition order for the baby change mat.

Try bathing him in water the has been run through a muslin containing oatmeal, it's what I do when we have gone a little long without cream.

Hope he feels better soon.

misdee Sun 02-May-04 22:40:47

next time, just dont care what people say or if they stare. after 4years of applying creams in shops, resturants, parties, etc i've developed a 'dont care' attitude' and if anyone gives me hassle i'll just ram a pit of emulysifying ointment up their a*se.

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