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Pretty sure I'm intolerant to dairy - please could someone answer a few questions?

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I generally don't eat meat, but do eat fish. I also can't have caffeine or alcohol... so my choice of hot/adult drinks is somewhat limited.

Can anyone recommend a good cookbook (or two) for baking & general recipes? I'm a pretty competent cook, fairly adventurous with what I'll eat. I don't have time for complicated recipes unless I can do a batch & freeze it. especially if it's cake, I'm already missing cake

I was a butter girl until recently & knowing what I do about margarine, I'm loathe to start with a dairy-free marg, what do you use when you want spread on your bread? Should I just learn to live without?

Are there any milks available that don't curdle when added to tea & coffee?

Hopeful bump.

anotherdayanothersquabble Sun 17-May-15 16:32:24

Deliciously Ella, Hemsley and Hemsley, Gwyneth Palthrow, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's latest are all low / no dairy but also low grain so while very good, perhaps not quite what you are after but great books!!

Thanks, will have a look in the library before committing to buying anything.

anotherdayanothersquabble Sun 17-May-15 20:50:53

Ella and Hemsley and Hemsley have good websites. And to be honest, if you have dairy issues, chances are you are better without wheat and sugar too!!

I know but it makes everything so damned hard... (have known about the wheat thing for a while tbh, been living in denial.)

Oodear Tue 19-May-15 18:51:57

I'm a butter addict and have found Pure Sunflower the best spread.

Thanks. Have caved & sent DH for some as we're having mash tomorrow. Didn't fancy coconut milk in it!

superoz Tue 19-May-15 23:44:59

We use Pure Sunflower, it's pretty easy to substitute it in place of butter in your usual recipes.
I've used Soya (unsweetened) and Oat milk in my tea and it's never curdled. Both taste great.

dairyfreebabyandme Wed 03-Jun-15 12:19:21


You may be OK with butter - it has low protein content and it's usually the proteins that cause the problem, especially if it's baked for a reasonable amount of time - cooking breaks down the proteins.

Suggest not bothering with cook books. I Google recipes and it's amazing what recipes you can come up with - there's loads out there! Also check out Intolerant Gourmet and Pig in the Kitchen

I love Pure Sunflower and Almond milk. I use unsweetened almond milk in savory dishes.

One other thing, it might be worth going to GP about your intolerance (some are temporary, following antibiotics/tummy bugs). If lactose intolerant you can get special lactose free milk etc.

Hope this helps!

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