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Lactose/Egg intolerance? Advice on elimination?

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mrsnlw2012 Tue 12-May-15 11:12:26

Had DS at the Gps this morning and he suspects an intolerance due to eczema symptoms, runny nappies, snotty nose.

He has advised us to eliminate eggs for a week and see if it eases and if not, eliminate dairy too. How do we go about this? is it ALL dairy? Dr did say he would prescribe a milk if needed. (DS is 9m)

Thanks in advance

mrsnlw2012 Tue 12-May-15 11:14:15

Oh and he has had awful nappy rash and bleeding rash too sad

MayfairMummy Wed 13-May-15 06:46:22

Mrs, I'd start a food diary of everything DS is eating, and when, and all the reactions that are happening (eg rashes, nappies, etc). Worth googling for details. If this takes any length of time to narrow down, you'll be really glad you started early.

Then, eliminate ALL of the eggs - in reality you'll possibly need much more than one week, as symptoms can take a lot longer to go away (think up to 4 weeks), though quite often they improve dramatically quite quickly. And then if you need to move on, eliminate ALL dairy. Dairy intolerance, is not lactose intolerance, though, so please don't think that lactose free things are the equivalent of dairy free. Just take out anything with milk in it. That includes goat's milk, etc for now....

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