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Medic alert bracelet for 9mo DD?

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LAB123 Mon 11-May-15 21:07:10

My baby girl (9mo) has a serious allergy to some medication and as she's starting nursery soon I feel I should get her a bracelet to advise medical professionals about it. Obviously I'm telling the nursery staff too but just want to be extra careful. Has anyone got any experience of a bracelet on such a young baby? Will she ever stop fiddling with it? Not sure whether Velcro or a proper clasp is better. Putting it on her ankle might be easier but would the medical professionals think to look there before giving treatment? Any advice welcome. Thanks x

foolonthehill Mon 11-May-15 22:50:22

most of the babies and young children I have treated have had a necklace rather than bracelet. very young babies and children find it hard to keep something on their wrist but a necklace can be tucked into a vest or top when crawling and climbing.

However "sports band" velcro bracelets might be suitable...

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