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Cold Urticaria experience please!

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tinfoilhat Sat 28-Feb-15 22:08:19

DD is 3 and recently diagnosed with cold urticaria. Thankfully it appears to be mild. When out in cold weather she develops a red, patchy, raised rash on her buttocks that doesn't bother her. If she's outside for a few hours, she gets hives on her face. When her hands get cold they go very bright red and take ages to return to a normal colour once warm again.

Since finding out about it, she always wears thermals out, which has helped massively, and we keep her face as covered as possible. No matter how wrapped up she is, if she's out for a few hours the hives always appear.

We have an older DS who has food allergies and we've always found that his behaviour worsens when exposed to his particular allergies. Is this the same with cold urticaria? Could her behaviour be effected by the cold too?

Also, I've read that summer can be a problem with regards to swimming pools, is this still true with a mild case?

Your experiences would be most welcome! Thank you.

tinfoilhat Sun 01-Mar-15 10:10:02

Bump. Anyone?!

Tippy6312 Wed 20-Apr-16 11:28:31

Hi, This is an old thread so not sure if you still need advice on this. I am in my late 20s and have suffered from this since I was a child. Red rashes / very itchy / can get painful. I have been on Telfast 120/180 since I was about 8. Which does completely stop them coming out. Not sure how good they would be for a younger child / lonogterm (I have recently stopped taking them due to pregnancy / miscarriage) so I am trying to remain off them. Which is a pain as even touching cold surfaces causes the reaction.

Swimming pools ok, but I would never just jump into one without having eased myself in first. I have heard the sudden changes in temperature can cause issues.

Like you've mentioned, it probably won't matter how wrapped up she is, especially those areas you can't really wrap up, for my mouth, neck, hands, but also all down my legs etc even when wrapped up.

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