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Alpro Junior+1 - Discontinued ??

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moonietunes Sun 08-Feb-15 22:38:56

My daughter is allergic to milk and drinks Alpro Junior+1 instead. I can't find stock anywhere and it is not on the Alpro website under 'products we make'... does anyone know if they have discontinued it ? I have emailed Alpro but they may take 2 days to come back to me and i only have 2 cartons left.

pashmina696 Mon 09-Feb-15 11:48:53

its is available and is on the website you just need to search for it - i bought it recently for my DS2 but he was allergic to the soya it turned out - i did notice it goes out of stock very quickly - for special milk (we now but oatly and koko) i order it all from ocado who are better at stocking all of this.

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