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When did you stop using neocate?

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LindsayS79 Tue 03-Feb-15 21:55:09

Hi all
DD is 19 months and every time I try to introduce cow or soya milk her eczema flares up.
She gets about 3oz of Neocate in a beaker in the morning but is guzzling about 7oz in a bottle at night! I use oatly milk for her breakfast and cooking.
Should I just move onto the oatly gradually? Is it nutritionally enough for her? Is 19 months too old for neocate now? I'm sure my gp will be asking me stop ordering it soon as it's so expensive!

tinkerbellvspredator Tue 10-Feb-15 11:57:30

Didn't want you to go unanswered - Ask your GP or health visitor for a dietician referral would be easiest I'd have thought.

Superworm Tue 10-Feb-15 12:21:18

It's recommended they have neocate or similar until they are two. Other milks oat, almond etc are the equivalent of semi-skimmed, so can be used but not as a main source of milk as the need the fats and calories.

LindsayS79 Tue 10-Feb-15 17:28:26

Thanks. We already see a dietician but they have said just keep trying to introduce the cows milk every so often... I'm not hopeful of her being able to take it any time soon..!!

HotMommy Wed 11-Feb-15 15:19:36

We had nutramigen until my dd was 2 - she would have a beaker after lunch and another before bedtime. I started weaning her onto coconut milk a few months before 2 so it wasn't a shock when the prescription ran out. She didn't like it at first but now drinks it happily.

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