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Tumble drying clothes for allergy sufferers? Can I line dry till damp then tumble dry for 10-20 minutes?

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mumznet Mon 02-Feb-15 17:46:39

I have just brought a new tumble dryer for DC allergies (rhinitis). I have heard that to kill dust mites I only need to put clothes in dryer for 10-20 minutes.

Would it be ok to partially dry the clothes outside and then tumble dry to save with energy costs?? I'm hoping it will be fine. I was worried about the pollen, and if drying clothes outside will aggravate his allergies.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

jubles Mon 02-Feb-15 17:53:11

My friend's daughter has bad asthma which gets triggered by hay fever (among other things). What you have described is exactly what she does. Line dry, then tumble dry on high for 10-20 minutes to kill the pollen. It does seem to help. They also cut back on the number of cuddly toys in the bed, and got some anti allergen pillow and mattress covers to tackle dust mites.

mumznet Mon 02-Feb-15 18:54:26

thankyou jubles, that sounds good. otherwise my tumble dryer takes about 80 minutes to dry the clothes. take care.

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